Atelier Nassos design and works handmade Jewellery

In 1973,.

being admitted to the Vakalo Art and Design College and possessing a natural flair for woodcarving, and having acquired my first artistic stimuli in my father’s workshop, I was given the chance to meet with people and work in jewelry workshops, where a more liberated style of art prevailed compared to the art of craftsmanship of the decade of 70’s, both in terms of actual work and spirit of designing jewelries.

The year 1977 marked

the beginning of aesthetics and financial autonomy. Simplicity of sculpture on silver and gold was a dream that took many years and experience to be achieved!

My relocation to Paris in 1979 was a refreshing change for me, whereupon I undertook various jobs until resetting my own small studio and penetrating slowly the jewelry world. I collaborated with designers of expensive branded jewelries, thus being given the chance to develop and unfold my potential.

My skillfulness,

my persistence and my adoration for sculpture, as well as all my design qualifications acquired by my studies were the short path I walked on in order to create a small studio with several deficiencies, yet with huge effort. So, I started producing my first designs after four harsh years.

I did not think

much about my return to Greece in the summer of ’91. So, one day, on the spur of the moment, I found myself in the old market of Castle of Naxos, where I rented a small studio. The amazing decade of 80’s with all the great experiences it carried was over, so the Aegean Light, the Sea and the simple lifestyle came to its place…